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Mr. Jay Lewis

We are looking forward to a great year at NMMS! There are several important changes that will be going into effect for the 2018-2019 school year. For example, CORE+ will be moving to the end of the day. This will allow teachers to provide students with academic remediation within the same day in an effort to improve student academic achievement. This will also reduce the amount of class time that students miss hen dismissed for athletic events. Another change going into effect is the addition of CORE+ Connections. The purpose of CORE+ Connections is to create the situation wherein each student will have an adult in the building that can become their “go-to” adult. Lastly, a change to the daily schedule will create the situation wherein students in grade 6 have math class every day instead of every other day.

This year NMMS will continue to operate on a quarter system. This means that students and parents/guardians will be provided four progress reports and four report cards to communicate academic progress. These reports will be mailed home. Additionally, parents/guardians can have access to their students’ grades through the Web-2-School system. Please contact the Main Office to obtain your password for Web-2-School access.

Each quarter the schedule rotates, providing students with the opportunity to have their classes at different times in the school day. NMMS runs a block schedule with classes that are 78 minutes long. The exception is CORE+ which is 40 minutes long. Additionally, most classes take place every other day, this means that NMMS has “green” days and “white” days. Literacy classes happen every day (both green and white days) for grades 6, 7 and 8. With the start of the 2018-2019 school year math class will happen every day (green and white days) for students in grade 6.

For students entering grades 6, 7 and 8 course selection sheets have been mailed home and delivered to elementary schools. Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Keegan are in the process of visiting the fifth graders and the sixth graders from Hill to begin the transition process to NMMS. Course selection sheets are due back to the main office of NMMS by March 18, 2019. Please see below for additional information about the course selection process.

1. Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 may take Chorus or Band but not both. Band and Chorus are year long classes, all other Allied Arts classes are 1 quarter in length. If a student takes Chorus or Band they will also be enrolled in 4 other Allied Arts classes that are each a quarter long. Two of which will be Physical Education and Wellness. If a student does not take Band or Chorus he/she will be enrolled in 8 Allied Arts classes. These will include General Music, Wellness, Physical Education (at least twice during the school year), Art, Computers, and Technology Education.

2. Students entering grade 7 may elect to enroll in a French or Spanish class but not both. (Please note that enrolling in a International Language class does not impact Allied Arts classes.) In grade 7 the language curriculum consists of one-half of the French 1 or Spanish 1 curriculum. In grade 8 the students take the remaining half of the class. This is a high school level class. Students completing the course (pass the class and master all associated competencies) can enter high school with an elective credit towards graduation requirements and enroll as a freshmen in French 2 or Spanish 2. Please note that students may not start a language class in middle school as they enter grade 8.

3. Students entering grade 8 may with teacher and administrator approval enroll in Algebra I. The student must be passing his/her grade 7 math class with a grade of "B" or better and mastered all associated competencies. This is a high school level class. Students successfully completing the class (passing and mastering all competencies) can enter high school with an elective credit towards graduation. This does not fulfill the credit requirements for math, this is elective credit. Students will enroll in geometry in grade 9. The benefit is that taking Algebra in middle school allows the student to access higher level math classes as a junior or senior in high school.

4. Lastly, the window of opportunity for withdrawing from  a class closes after the first two weeks of the school year. In some cases students may be allowed to withdraw from a class after this two-week window. Please know however, that any time a student drops a class it often creates the need to change all aspects of the schedule for the purposes of filling in the vacant spot created when the student withdrew from a class.

All of us at NMMS are looking forward to a positive and productive school year! This year NMMS will be focusing on the completion of grade level and course specific competencies, instruction and the assessments that coincide with competencies. We are all here to support and achieve the same goal; to help all students achieve their maximum potential. If, at any point you have questions please do not hesitate contact us.

  • Jay Lewis, Principal- scheduling, programming, personnel issues, 504’s (jlewis@sau4.org)
  • Trisha Lewis, Assistant Principal- student conduct, bus conduct issues (tlewis@sau4.org)
  • Alyssa Keegan, Guidance Counselor- student conflicts, emotional and adjustment issues (akeegan@sau4.org)
  • Shane Tucker, Athletic Director- athletic issues (stucker2@sau4.org)
  • Grade Level Team leaders or the teacher involved should always be the first point of contact for classroom or grading issues and each can be found on the “classroom” page of this website.


We look forward to hearing from you and hope your student has a productive, safe and fun year.



Jay Lewis


Newfound Memorial Middle School