6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in Mrs. Edwards' Enrichment class worked extensively to update the NMMS Website in the Spring of 2023.  Students created new pages:

created a new logo, image editing, shadows, creating templates, considering canvas size, used same hexadecimal value as the website background, experiment with favicon s and shadows to make it visible with dark and light Chrome themes, change from wolf to bear! 

In the News - curated a hyperlinked list of press releases from area newspapers

Teacher Pages - updated teacher sites with features like button, favicons, logos, and image headings

others created new teacher/staff sites - met and emailed teacher/clients, interviewed teachers and administrators, took pictures, embedded websites

File organization, permission settings, file ownership, naming mechanisms, extracting audio from video files,  experimented with image editing software and extensions

Cite sources and use images from Creative Commons

Created new club sites like Student Staff Senate

HMTL, CSS, tables