Before Ceremony of 8th grade class night

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Important Dates

Grade 8 Class Night
The Class Night festivities are scheduled for June 22 at 6pm. If all goes to plan the ceremony will be held outside this year. Students should arrive by 5:30pm. After the ceremony students in grade 8 may attend a dance held here at the middle school.

Additionally, in the morning on the 22nd students in grade 8 will have a rehearsal for the Class Night Ceremony. Students will need to be present for this rehearsal. After the rehearsal students in grade 8 will enjoy a trip the Wellington State park. 

Students will need to dress appropriately for the Class Night event, school dress code applies.

Grade 8 students will be expected to attend school on the 23rd.

2017-18 School Year
The scheduling for the 2017-18 school year is almost complete. Student schedules will be mailed home in the return to school letter in August. Overall, the schedule for next year will not change very much, however, a few changes will be taking place. First, in Allied arts classes some students will have mixed grade level classes. Second, the scheduling of Learning labs has been such that all students will have a learning lad twice a week. This will take place with the student's homeroom teacher and will happen during the CORE+ time slot.


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