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Returning Materials to NMMS

1. All technology equipment and other materials, for example, textbooks and novels, need to be returned to NMMS on June 8 or 9. 
2. Materials may be dropped off at the school anytime between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.
3. Chrome books will be returned to NMMS in the main lobby (same location where pick-up took place in March).
4. If possible, please return the chrome book to the same school where it was picked-up.
5. Upon returning the chrome book please know that you will be asked to open the machine up so that it may be inspected for any damage. Please know that you will be asked to turn the machine on when you return the device.
6. Please be sure to bring the cord with you when you return the device.
7. Please know that parents/guardians will be asked to sign a form indicating that the device has been returned. The form will include any damage to the machine and/or note if the power cord is missing.
8. If the device is damaged or the power cord is missing someone from the IT office will be in touch with you.
9. Textbooks, novels and any other school materials needing to be returned will be dropped off in the gymnasium. Specific locations for the return of these materials will be set-up in the gymnasium.

If your student needs to keep the chrome book or other school materials past June 8 or 9 for the purposes of completing assignments, please notify the school of this by emailing Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Lewis or Mr. Tucker. These email addresses are provided below. In the event that your student does need to keep the device or school material beyond June 8 or 9, arrangements will be made with you for the return of equipment. 


In order that we may work to keep everyone safe and healthy, please know that you may be asked to wait outside of the building for a short time prior to entering to return equipment. In addition, you are encouraged to wear a mask.

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