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NMMS Morning Announcements

NMMS Morning Announcements


Important information about the DC trip is posted below.

Who will be this week's Bear of the Week? If you use your Core Values, then you have a chance! Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Pride is all it takes! Nominations for this week's Bear of the Week will be accepted until Thursday at noontime. Using the core values could get you nominated for Bear of the Week!

Attention Students: Do not take your Chromebooks to lunch. Please store your Chromebook in your 4th Block Class or your locker.

District Chromebooks for Students

If you would like your student to borrow a chromebook please use the link below to fill out the forms. Please note that you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser.



Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Sadly, the purpose of this communication is to let you know that out of an abundance of caution the 2022 Washington, DC trip has been canceled.

Please reach out to WorldStrides to inquire about refunds of any monies paid towards the trip. The phone number for WorldStrides is 855-224-0751. The WorldStrides cancellation refund policy is that any parent/guardian who purchased the “full refund program insurance” would receive a full refund. Parents/guardians who did not purchase the insurance would receive “that refund amount that applies at the time of the request for refund.” This means that since the trip is still more than 144 days away, per WorldStrides policy they would retain 25% of the cost of the trip.

It is recognized that this is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Please know that this decision was not made lightly and that there are several reasons why the decision to cancel was made.

1. There is no way to predict the state of the pandemic when the dates of the trip arrive. With that in mind the possibility exists that students could arrive in Washington, DC to find museums and other educational attractions closed or only admitting a limited number of people. Therefore, having a negative impact on the experience of the students.

2. Should a student become symptomatic on the trip he/she would have to isolate in a hotel room. This would require that a chaperone stay with the student having a negative impact on the ability to adequately supervise other students.

3. Should a student become symptomatic on the trip and/or diagnosed positive for COVID-19 he/she would not be able to ride the bus back to New Hampshire. This creates the situation where getting the students home is problematic. It may even result in the parent/guardian being responsible for going to DC to pick up the student and bring him/her home. Obviously, that situation is very challenging.

4. With four students in a room, if one student had to quarantine all of the students would likely have to quarantine as well. This inadvertently impacts the trip for a greater number of students.

5. In the event that a chaperone became symptomatic and/or positive for COVID-19 while on the trip he/she would have to isolate and that would impact the ability to adequately supervise other students. In addition, the problem of getting that chaperone home would also exist.

6. Should a chaperone become symptomatic and/or positive for COVID-19 on the trip that will impact the ability to return to the classroom upon return to New Hampshire and that has a negative impact on all learners.

In the end the safest option is to remain in New Hampshire. Again, please know that we apologize for the frustration and disappointment that this cancellation will cause.


Good Afternoon,

Happy New Year!

A reminder from the TTCC that Middle School Teen Nights begin this week.

Middle School Teen Nights – Tuesdays 6-8pm. New Sessions available for sign up now – January, February & March 4-week sessions available. Just $20 each (includes dinner!) To register/sign-up please contact the TTCC at 603-744-2713 or email at ttcc@metrocast.net.

Please Welcome...

Beginning January 10, 2022 NMMS will welcome three student teachers from Plymouth State University.

Ms. Madison Bentzlin will be working with Ms. Vittner in grade 7 literacy classes.

Mr. Jake Derocher will be working with Mrs. Joyce in art classes for all grades.

Mr. Harrison Silbert will be working with Mr. Peringer in grade 6 social studies classes.

Winter NWEA

The winter NWEA assessment for math and literacy will begin on January 5 with grade 6 students. Students in grade 7 will participate in the test beginning the week of January 10. Lastly, students in grade 8 will participate in the test the week of January 17. Please remind your student(s) that it is very important to give his/her very best effort.

Course Selection For Next Year

Believe it or not it is already time to think about the 2022-2023 school year. Course selection sheets for students entering grades 7 or 8 will be sent home with the student in the next few days. Students entering grade 7 will have the option of enrolling in a French or Spanish language class. Please note that this is a high school level class taught at the middle school. The class is taught over two years. Students taking French or Spanish in grade 7 will experience half of the curriculum. In grade 8, the student will experience the second half of the curriculum. Successfully completing the class and mastering the competencies will allow the student to enter the next level of the language (French II or Spanish II) during their freshman year of high school. Because the class is taught over two years it is very important to begin the class as a 7th grader.

Students entering grade 8 may be eligible for Algebra I taught at the middle school. This is a high school class taught at the middle school. Please see page 17 in the handbook for more information about enrolling in the algebra class while in grade 8. Course selection sheets are due back in the main office by February 11.

If you have a student entering grade 6 during the 2022-2023 school year course selection sheets will be sent to the elementary schools in the spring.

If you have a student entering grade 9 next year, course selection sheets from the high school will be going home in the spring.


Jay Lewis


Newfound Memorial Middle School

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