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NMMS Morning Announcements

NMMS Morning Announcements


During the month of May CADY will be partnering with NMMS to provide programming to students at all grade levels on a variety of topics. Information about the specific programming was sent to parents through the Infinite Campus email system. In addition to CADY, on May 25 Brooklyn Raney will be conducting an assembly for NMMS students on the topic of being a "Woah Friend", this is a person who is willing to say "something is not right" in peer interactions.

Cady Grade 6

Cady Grade 7

Cady Grade 8

Attention Students: Do not take your Chromebooks to lunch. Please store your Chromebook in your 4th Block Class or your locker.

District Chromebooks for Students

If you would like your student to borrow a chromebook please use the link below to fill out the forms. Please note that you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser.



Good Morning,

NMMS has many recent student accomplishments to celebrate!

Technology Student Association/Robotics

Please join me in congratulating the Technology Student Association (TSA) participants in an outstanding performance at the NH State TSA Conference. As a first year chapter NMMS did an amazing job !!

NMMS students came home with several awards!

1st place dragster design - Beckett Mackay

2nd place dragster design - Isaac Barnard

1st place problem solving - Logan Baker and Beckett Mackay

2nd place problem solving - Hayden Mackay and Issac Barnard

2nd place Flight Challenge - Issac Barnard

2nd place Keva Plank Challenge - Beckett Mackay

3rd place Mechanical Engineering - Beckett Mackay

In addition, please join me in congratulating the members of the NMMS TSA who submitted projects to the Regional TSA Conference!

Beckett Mackay - 1st Place Dragster Design

Isaac Barnard - 2nd Place Dragster Design

Hannah Upperman - 1st Place Digital Photography.

Gunstock Music Festival

Several Band students participated in the Gunstock Music Festival. Congratulations to Benjamin Gilbert, Vivian Littlefield, Colin Foster, Kory Sanborn, Jonathan Weeks, Leah McFarland, Evie Bastarache, Addie Alpers, Ceili Irving, Jack DiFilippe, and Kelton Austin! NMMS band teacher Mrs. Stevens was given the honor of conducting the Band at this festival for one of the pieces that was played!

In addition please know that several NMMS Band students participated in the NHMEA Middle School Festival on May 7th at Manchester Central High School; Congratulations go to Benjamin Gilbert, Vivian Littlefield and Colin Foster for performing at the Festival!

Recent Bears of the Week!

Congratulations to Paraeducator Mrs. Mickewicz and 7th grader Ryan Colburn as recent Bears of the Week!!

Mrs. Mickewicz was nominated by a student for being extremely helpful everyday and being there to provide support in any way that she can. Thank you for all that you do to make a difference and have a positive impact on those you help and support!

7th grader Ryan Colburn was nominated by a classmate for always showing kindness and being helpful when needed. Way to go, Ryan!!!

Congratulations to Assistant Principal , Ms. Lewis and 8th grader Greg Perez, this week’s Bears of the Week!

Ms. Lewis was nominated for showing her Newfound pride every day! She is always so positive towards students and helps out no matter how busy she is. She is always lending a hand and is always there as a listening ear. She never complains when she is needed to cover classes. She is also always coming up with ideas to creatively thank staff members for all of their work throughout the school year. Thank you, Mrs. Lewis!

Greg was nominated for being helpful in turning someone's day around when they were down. He has a lot of empathy and compassion. Way to go, Greg!

Congratulations to our kitchen supervisor, Ms. Haskell and eighth graders, Bailey Dow, Addie Alpers, & Ceili Irving, as recent Bears of the Week!

Ms. Haskell always goes out of her way to make sure students are fed and have what they need nutritionally, everyday. She remains flexible with schedule changes and is always a team player. She's super hardworking and takes tremendous pride in what she does. Thank you for all you do at NMMS,Ms. Haskell!!

8th graders Bailey Dow, Addie Alpers, & Ceili Irving are the epitome of what we strive for in our students; they are problem-solvers and go-getters. These students wanted a school yearbook and stepped up to the plate to figure out how they could make one and have been working tirelessly on their own time to do so! Way to go!

The SOS Program

The Signs of Suicide (SOS) prevention program is set to begin next week. Ms. Keegan will be the facilitator for the program with students in grades 6 and 7. Ms. Lewis will be the facilitator for students in grade 8. Permission slips for this were sent home electronically before April vacation and a paper copy was sent home with students. If you need a copy of the permission slip please contact the main office. For grade 6 the program will take place during the week of May 6, for students in grade 7 the program will happen the week of May 16. For grade 8 students the program will take place the week of May 23.

New Hampshire SAS Testing

New Hampshire SAS testing is right around the corner and there are lots of details to communicate to you.

Students in grade 6 will be participating in the testing the week of May 23.

The NH SAS test has several parts. All students will participate in a reading, writing and mathematics assessment. Students in grade 8 will also participate in a science assessment.

Assessments will be administered in the morning, the schedule for the day is being altered to ensure that students will have plenty of time to complete the different sections of the assessment. Changing the schedule also allows students to still participate in Allied Arts classes.

To help your student achieve at his/her best please make sure that they have benefited from sufficient sleep prior to the testing. Have your student wear comfortable clothing to school and have them dress in layers so that they can adjust if they are too hot or cold while testing. Please have your student bring a water bottle to school to access during testing sessions. Please be sure to have a conversation with your student about the importance of giving his/her best effort on the assessment.

When testing is complete score reports will be provided to parents/guardians. Typically these score reports are sent home with the last report card of the year. For students in grade 8, the score report is included in the packet that is presented to students during Class Night.

At the times students are not participating in SAS testing they will be benefiting from presentations from the CADY organization.

The presentations that students will experience are communicated below.

Grade 6 - two presentations; “The Problem with Drugs” and “Understanding Bullying”.

Grade 7 – two presentations; “No Go For Drugs” and “Understanding Bullying”.

Grade 8 – two presentations; “The Problem with Drugs” and “Keeping Relationships Healthy”.

In addition, on May 25, Brooklyn Rainey will conduct a school wide presentation on navigating peer relationships.

Grade 8 Class Night

Grade 8 Class Night festivities for 2022 are scheduled for June 14 at 6:00PM.

Class Night will take place in Kelley Park unless the weather prevents an outdoor event. If rain or weather prevents an outside ceremony from happening then the location will either be the middle school or high school gymnasium. A definite decision regarding location will be made just prior to the ceremony.

In the past the students in grade 8 have been able to enjoy a class trip to Wellington State Park. We are planning on this taking place on June 14. More details about this will be sent to grade 8 students and families very soon.


Jay Lewis


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Baseball Home Game - 3:30

Softball Home Game - 3:30

Track State Meet @ Winnisquam - 3:30

NMMS has a new Vision Statement to share with students and parents. Over the course of this school year work has been done to develop a new Vision Statement, next year work will continue to develop goals that align with the new Vision Statement. The new Vision Statement is shared below.
Newfound Memorial Middle School guides students to become positive contributors to the community. Together, we provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters the Core Values and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering every student to achieve their goals.